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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is MICHAEL, and on this page, I want to introduce myself briefly and explain to you why this blog exists.
I came into contact with aquariums as a child. My father also always had a small pool. I can still remember how the small plastic containers were set up. Then an artificial plant came in there, such a fish, and another fish. Because it’s so pretty. The filter was switched off at night. So that the fish have their peace. And when after a few weeks everything got out of hand, we took everything down again. Until the “virus” broke out again, and we started over.
So I was infected early on, and when I had my first apartment of my own, I quickly had my own aquarium. And one of those big ones. 80 centimeters and 112 liters. After all, I wanted to do everything right from the start. Luckily I had a good dealer who gave me good advice. You couldn’t ask the internet at that time. So at least I only made the mistakes that everyone else made.
Today you have completely different opportunities to find out more, among other things, on this blog. And you should do that too. Against the background of my experience, I will introduce you to technology, animals, and plants. First and foremost, these are all things that I use and know myself. I try to give you good instructions by hand. Be it for keeping animals and plants or the use of special technology. But I also look at current trends and try to evaluate the benefits for you.
I run the whole thing part-time alongside my main job as an application engineer. This work takes me five days a week, and I take care of this blog in the evenings and on weekends. During this time I also do my sport. Iaido always brings me back to the ground and lets me recharge my batteries for the next day. And once a year, I want to be particularly close to the water. Then I am drawn to the Baltic Sea on a sailing yacht.
I hope you find the information you are looking for here. The internal search can help you with this. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there either, just write me an email. And do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter. Maybe it’s subscriber-only content. They benefit from exclusive (short) posts by email and insights into my work on the blog.