bloody mary shrimp Complete Care Guide

The bloody mary shrimp is a type of very fascinating shrimp. Usually, shrimps are bright red in color. Although the bloody mary shrimps could be identified as another selectively bred from the chocolate shrimp. Still, we wouldn’t be able to observe any other water creature with 100% red in the color of their body. Although these types of shrimps are with an exoskeleton with red-colored blood tissues. That is underneath both the female and the male. Usually, these are having a body semi-transparent with the tissues in a bright red color. 

bloody mary shrimp

Bloody mary shrimp Lifespan 

Normally they have a Lifespan of 1- 2 years. That Lifespan is not certain also. The Lifespan of the shrimps will be dependent on multiple facts. Their health status is the major issue that is influenced by the shortening or the length of life of them. Therefore be alerted regarding the health of the shrimps as always the caretaker able. The food pattern of these creatures is a direct factor with regard to the health status of the blood mary shrimps. 


These are a type of shrimp that is deep red in color. Although they are the water creatures who have the deepest coloration of red. Although it has a dark red color than the fire red shrimps even. The clear exoskeleton system of the shrimps is appearing well. Their body is about 1 – 1.5 inches long. There are no observable differences between both male and female shrimps. 

Bloody mary shrimp Size 

Their maximum body size is only 3.8 cm. Their body size is relatively small. All male and female bloody mary shrimps have such the same length and size. 

Bloody mary shrimp Caring 

The supervision process of bloody mary shrimps is a very smooth procedure. The small ones are not too difficult to care for. The bloody mary shrimps can be modified to extensive parameters. Although easily they could be retained in the soft water as well as in the hard water. But it is most appropriate to keep them in the hard water. And anyone is going to introduce the bloody mary shrimp to an aquarium, the aquarium has to be cleaned necessarily. It is better if the aquarium can be fully recycled. Although the water of the tank and the aquarium has to be fully cleaned. It is better to remove water from the aquarium once per two weeks. And don’t overfeed them. Feeding per 2 – 3 times required. 

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Tank Size

They need some more space to be lived. As the minimum amount, they require a tank with a volume of 2 gallons. They need some more space to swim. Although if there are some mates in their tank even the tank has to be large. If you can allocate some more space, do that. 

Water Parameters

As the minimum volume required for the bloody mary shrimps, allocate about 2 gallons. Although the following parameters should have to be included in these water tanks. The pH value should have to be from 6.0 to 7.8. The Gh value should be 4 to 12. Kh should be 3 to 5. The TDS range has to be 150 – 300.  These are essentially required. 

Water TypeFreshwater
Temperature64 – 84 ℉ (17.8 – 28.9 ℃)
PH6.0 – 7.8
GH4 – 12
KH3 – 5
TDS150 – 300

What o Include In The Tank

They always require fresh water to live. If not they would have suffered from various diseases. Although they are highly sensitive to copper. Therefore anything made out of copper should not have to be placed inside the tanks. It is better if anyone can create an environment with fresh water. Also to make the bloody mary shrimps comfortable, make it a natural environment by using the water plants and other stone types inside the tank. Although they need some more hiding spaces in the tank. Java moss and guppy grass are some suitable plants for them. 

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Diseases To Watch Out For

The shrimps haven’t any lengthy Lifespan. But they could die earlier with some diseases. Copper poisoning is the main issue that they have to face. And sometimes the shrimps will show the failure of the molt due to the lack of calcium. Another main issue is poor water quality. Even bacterial infections can happen with the shrimps and that is difficult to diagnose too. 

bloody mary shrimp

What do Bloody Mary shrimp eat?

Food & Diet Recommendations

The bloody mary shrimps have a constant diet pattern. Although they take algae, plant matter, debris, dead animals, and infusoria as their food. Although the vegetables can be given to them. But before giving the vegetables make sure that it will be blanched and peel. Aside from that, they require calcium and copper very badly. Copper is even worse to them. As a solution for that matter, shift for a diet that is specified for the shrimps. 

Temperament & General Behavior

These shrimps don’t show any ridiculous behaviors. They are very easy to care for. No aggressive behaviors. They will always be calm in nature. Therefore if you have any doubts about their behavior don’t worry at all. They would always be calm. 

Tank Mates

There are more types of tank mates that can be kept with the bloody mary shrimps. 

These fishes are even the same as the size of the shrimps. These are even similar to the bloody mary shrimps. The pencil fishes are consuming the algae and the other plant types as their diet. 

  • Ember tetra 

These are a type of fish that make funny and tiny fish in the region of South America. If this Ember tetra on the aquarium all will enjoy a lot. 

  • Sparkling  gourami 

These are even small creatures with a calm nature and they are gorgeous. They would also love to have mates. 

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These are some best companions to these shrimps. The shrimps are a tasty meal for the other carnivorous fishes. Therefore don’t make Tankmates, carnivorous fishes with the shrimps. 

Other Good tank friends for bloody mary shrimps are:

  • Snails.
  • Mollies.
  • Shrimp.
  • Cory Catfish.
  • Otocinclus Catfish.
  • Hatchet Fish.
  • Thin Tetra fish.


This is an easy species for breeding. After 6 months they matured sexually. If all parameters of the water are correct and the diet is healthy the breeding process would take place. The male fish will lay the sperms in the female body. The eggs would be fertilized only after they are freeing from the body. The female has about 30 eggs at once and about 3 weeks required for hatch. This is about the bloody mary shrimps. The tiny creatures are innocent, non-aggressive, and can be easily cared for.