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Do fish really have a 3-second memory?

Do fish really have a 3-second memory

It is quite interesting the question that is associated with different myths and beliefs such as Whether fish have memory or not? As much as in movies, TV series, animal curiosities we have run into this doubt in a long…

16 Different Types of Hedgehogs (With Pictures)

Types of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are characteristic animals for having a body covered with useful thorns to protect themselves from predators. They have an excellent vision and smell to get their omnivorous diet, which ranges from fruits and fungi, to carrion and live animals such…

How Do Fish Breathe Underwater?

How Do Fish Breathe Underwater

Do fish have lungs? How are fish able to breathe under the fresh and salty waters of the whole world? Ichthyology is the science that is responsible for clarifying these and all those questions related to the amazing world of fish. Both the…