Christmas Moss: Care, Propagation, & Issues

Christmas moss

Christmas moss has several names. The scientific name of the Christmas moss is Vesicularia Montagne. That is usually named by this scientific name. Although by the name itself anyone could be able to understand that this is a type of moss. Although the Christmas moss is known as a popular underwater plant. In these times the Christmas moss can be used in the planting aquariums. Initially moving to the description the readers would have to know some details about the scientific background of these types of mosses. The given below are them. 

  • Domain – Eukaryota
  • Family – Hypnaceae
  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Order – Hypnales
  • Species – V. Montagne 
  • Genus- Vesicularia
  • ClassBryopsida

These categories of mosses could be observed in various countries and in different regions. It is more famous in the regions near the Asian continent. The countries that the mosses are growing are Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Sudan. There are certain situations that the Christmas moss is growing. Those are some damp situations. Usually, these mosses grow in the trunks of the trees and on the rocks. If anyone wants to explore these Christmas mosses search for these places. The Christmas mosses can be used as an alternative. The Christmas mosses can be used as a grate and most suitable alternative. 

More about Christmas moss

Always these mosses would be a fantastic addition for the bathroom Breeding tanks. Those varieties of diverse moss provide a great hiding place. Although these mosses are a category of first food sources. Also, it is adding a pop texture to these mosses. When comparing this certain type of moss with other moss types such as java moss there would be some diverse features that could be found. These category mosses are a category of quickly getting a larger variety of moss. There are many types of variations of the Christmas mosses. Those are like the Brazilian and the mini. Those are still called the same name as the Christmas moss, but actually, those are not that type. Those are a better type of moss, although there are some downsides to using the Christmas moss. That is not all perfect with the tanks when it was replaced. There are some rigid steps for caring. These are some basic details of the Christmas moss. See the following for the Christmas moss. 

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Size – it is about 4cm tall 

Fertilizer- liquid fertilizers have to be used 

Required temperature – 22°C – 28°C

pH range – 5.0 – 7.5

Hardness – 5-15 dkh

The growing Christmas moss is difficult to grow. But there would be some more mistakes that would occur. As an example sometimes there may be differences in the parameters. If the planter will maintain all the required ranges of the parameters, there wouldn’t be any issue ever. Some planters will believe that the Christmas moss required CO2 for the mosses. Carbon dioxide is not an essential item for the planting, but by supplying CO2, nothing will happen. The Christmas mosses are usually grown in the tanks. But the moss can grow from the outside of the tanks. That means the moss will grow even without water. Due to the conducted tests, the mosses will grow without water quickly than they grow with the water. But the moss has to be kept wet always. If not the moss will become dried and die. 

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The natural territory of the moss 

Usually, the Vesicularia Montagne is from tropical and subtropical countries. If anyone wants to explore these mosses, that person can easily catch them on the rocks and trees. The moss needed a wet environment for successful growth. 

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Aquarium care 

Most of the time the planters would be able to detect the quick changes of the mosses due to the changes in the environment. If those conditions may vary quickly the moss will get melted quickly. Although if the mosses will grow inside a tank too, the condition is the same as here. Because the moss will get melted if the tank is too hot. Even though the moss will grow at a normal rate if the climate is cold. 

Christmas Moss Care

Attaching mosses 

While attaching these varieties of mosses there would be some more issues. Although the Christmas mosses will lead to more troubles than the other types of mosses. The success of the growing moss depends on the setup of the planter and the place that is going to fix the moss. There are multiple attaching methods for the Christmas moss. The dry start method can be used while attaching mosses to a wall. With the superglue anchoring method, the mosses can be pasted on the walls more easily than anyone assumes. Anchoring with the thread is another method that anyone would be able to try. In this method, the moss has to be tied by a thread and placed on the place that wants to be planted by the moss. The fishing line method is just similar to the thread method. The single difference between the two methods is the deterioration of the fishing line on the water. Moss trees and moss walls are other things that are created by using the Christmas moss. All those are currently using natural creations. 

Required fertilizers 

As the growing requirements of the other plant types, these mosses will seek for the same. The planting substrates won’t be essential only for moss. But liquid fertilizers are required essentially. Even though the planter is ready to establish the mosses inside the water bodies it is better to add some fertilizers to it. 

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Common issues with the Christmas mosses 

The entire problems occurring with these are the same troubles that any planter is going through with the other mosses types. 


This is a most habitual matter that many aquatic plants have on the face when they are growing on the upward of the water. 


Algae is another main and ordinary trouble that the mosses are always facing. Although the presence of the algae will imply the unbalance of the ecosystems. 

Plant debris 

This problem might be solved by keeping snails in the growing place. Or else by plucking off that issue can be removed. 

Here the whole description is only regarding the moss type called the Christmas mosses. These are a really attractive variety of mosses and hard to supervise sometimes. If someone would like to attempt to plant these mosses, getting accurate knowledge is better.

Vesicularia montagnei