How to feed Goldfish in the right way | Benefits and Tips

The feeding of the fish is something very important to be able to ensure that they will have an adequate life cycle. If they are not fed properly, the fish can suffer from diseases and even die. This time, we will teach you how to feed Goldfish in the right way. These are the popular ‘goldfish’ which are very common to have at home.

How to feed Goldfish in the right way

What kind of food does my Goldfish feed on?

To begin with, you must know what is the type of food that you should give to your Goldfish so that you get it, be prepared by you or bought. Goldfish are omnivorous animals, so they eat meat and vegetables. Likewise, they can eat live, dry or frozen food.

Gel food

One of the foods given to goldfish is in the form of a gel, so that they eat it while it is floating in the water. It is one of the types of food that you will find most in pet stores, of different flavors and protein contents.


Food in flakes or flakes is also a type of food that can be given to them, as it is one of the most common and that they like. You will find them specially designed for Goldfish, being a good source of food

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Likewise, in the form of pellets or sticks, it is also a great recommendation to feed the Goldfish correctly.

What food to give my Goldfish if I don’t have your special food?

If you do not have the special food of the Goldfish, do not worry. You can feed them fruits, vegetables and meats, always naturally. The latter means that you should not give food that is processed, so they should not carry oils, salt or additives.

You can feed them with cauliflower, chickpeas, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, banana, carrot, peas and basil among other things; mainly vegetables as they do not contain sugar.

You can also give them live foods or foods of animal origin such as hake, artemia, tuna, crab, squid, fruit flies and red larvae.

You can prepare the vegetables by boiling them, always waiting for them to cool down, so you can give them to them. In the same way, the ideal is to chop any food that you are going to give it so that there are no very large pieces left.

If you manage to make a kind of ‘porridge’ it would be best. This must be able to be thick enough not to be diluted in water, but not contain large pieces. Live food is best given directly, while the meat should be shredded into small portions.

Feeding Goldfish with scales is very common, but counterproductive, because it can cause swim bladder problems in adulthood. This is combated by feeding them with foods of natural origin.

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When is the best time to feed my Goldfish?

There is no ideal time to feed the Goldfish, but with practice you will know what are the hours of the day where they eat the most. You also have to look at the amount, which little by little you will know.

To do this, you should only realize if when feeding them, the food does not spend more than 5 minutes in the water. That way, you can try whether to throw them more or less, depending on the amount of goldfish you have.

How often to feed my Goldfish?

The ideal is to feed your Goldfish twice a day, so that it feels satiated for longer. Although it depends on the age of your fish, because the younger ones need to eat about three times a day for proper growth.

The frequency of feeding strongly influences digestion, so over feeding them is harmful to them. Also, if they leave the food, the fish tank will begin to get dirty.

What to do if my Goldfish doesn’t want to eat?

Goldfish may not want to eat at first, this is normal. It mainly happens when you change their diet, because it takes them a while to adapt to the new diet. If this happens, don’t change the type of food. On the contrary, keep feeding him the same food until he adapts and accepts it.

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Having Goldfish is the most common since their care does not go beyond the common, however, if you do not pay attention to the details it is likely that they will suffer diseases.

Something very important is that you should not get rid of your Goldfish in rivers, ponds or swamps, as they can alter the ecosystem of them.