Lemon Oscar Complete Care Guide

Lemon Oscar

Lemon Oscar Complete Care Guide

The lemon Oscars are a category of fishes that are truly famous for their aggressive nature. Although it is always very hard to imagine. That is because usually, they are grateful for swimming. They are brave even. The lemon Oscars are a type of attractive fish when compared with the other all. That is due to the specific features of them. Most of the time their appearance and the colors will make the others attracted to the others. Although when comparing with the others these are with the higher intelligent and rich with social behaviors.

These are known, temperamental creatures. Therefore the lemon Oscars can be looked after with only the experienced fish keepers. They are a type of omnivore fish therefore there wouldn’t be any obstacles for feeding them. But always for finding suitable tank mates for them. They have complex behavior and that will puzzle the behavior of the caretaker.  The following are the main characteristics of the lemon Oscars. 

Caring level they are with the moderate caring level 

Lifespan they have a lifespan of 20 years 

Diet they are omnivores type of fishes 

Family – Cichlidae

Minimum tank size 55 gallons

Compatibility  they are large and passive fishes 

More info about Lemon Oscar 

They are from the Cichlidae family. Those are beginning from South America or Africa. Although you won’t be able to explore them in any country. They are native only to some countries only. Colombia, French, Guinea, and Brazil are such native countries of your favorite Lemon Oscar.

The Amazon River is one of the most diverse places with a different environment. Though if anyone wants to explore them, it is better to search for them in this place. They are only popular for home aquariums. Also, note that they are always difficult to handle.

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Life expectancy 

This is one of fish category which has a long life expectancy when compared with the other fish types. But the lifetime may vary with several facts. Mainly the health is affecting the lifetime of the fishes. If they are maintained in better health, life expectancy has to be maintained well. And even if there would be some health problems, they may reduce the lifetime of them. Therefore the caretaker has to be alerted about the health condition of the fishes. If they are maintained well, they will live for 20 years. Keep them healthy to make sure they live for a longer time period. 

Behavior patterns of the Lemon Oscars 

The Oscars are of territorial nature. It is so risky to put them in a tank together with the other fishes. They will attack the others very easily. They won’t be afraid to attack the other’s too much. If the other fishes will encroach the barriers, the Lemon Oscars will be attacked. They spend more time swimming.

They will swim at the mid-level of the tank. They are not always aggressive. Though they can control their feelings. In order to control the aggressive behavior, the caretaker has to select the best tank mates for these fish types. Then they will minimize their aggressive nature. 

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Body size of the fishes 

These are some larger types of fish. Accurately they will grow up to 12 inches in length. They will grow throughout their whole lifetime. Approximately they will grow 1 inch per month. Therefore they reach their full length after passing more several months. Their body shape is oval. Both males and females can’t be identified easily.

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They both look the same. To identify both of them, we have to explore them neatly. The body color of the lemon Oscars is solid red and they are in yellow color too. The colors of the fins are usually black and white in color.

Making their tank perfect 

They have practiced living in natural environments for so long. Therefore even the tank has to be made in accordance with the natural conditions. As stated in the above paragraphs, they would live in places like The Amazon River. Therefore they always need such types of locations for living. Because of that, they need more sunlight and even the sunlight has to be so strong. Even the water is not so clear.

The bottom of the tank might consist of more substrates. Place such substrates just like the debris, rocks, and other water plants. It is better to make the surroundings that they would prefer naturally. Although keep something stored on your mind. That is the Lemon Oscars are a type of omnivore fish. Therefore they would eat the water plants that were included in the tank. So don’t make such poisonous plants, planted in the tank. 

Water requirements 

The water has to be maintained cleanly. There are no puzzling procedures for maintaining cleanliness. Only the filtering of the water has to be done. The following are the water requirements of the water that is essential for the water inside the tank. 

  • Temperature – 74 – 81°F
  • pH – 6 – 8
  • kH – 5-20

The lid of the tank has to be closed perfectly. Because these Lemon Oscars are always loving types of fish that would love for more adventuring events. Therefore this is a risk, sometimes because those would jump over from the tank on most occasions. 

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Size of the aquarium 

They need a large aquarium. Approximately it has to be about 55 gallons. If you put them in any smaller tank, surely they will develop more issues just like diseases or other illnesses. Although the reduction of the living place may cause the development of aggressive behaviors in them. 

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Tank Mates 

As listed above, these are aggressive types of fishes. Therefore the selection of suitable tank mates has to be done carefully. The fellow cichlids are the most suitable tank mates for them. Here are some important facts about the lemon Oscar fishes. If anyone would like to care about these Oscar fishes, it is better to have special knowledge about them. Because they will be more aggressive sometimes. If you have understood them, it is easy to care for them.

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Lemon Oscar care sheet