Lemon tetra Care guide – Size, Life Span, Tank Mates, Breeding

The best answers about the lemon tetra

The tetra lemon fish has a wide and translucent body that has a yellow coloration. It has large eyes, its upper part has a bright red color and its sides are silver with lemon yellow fins, being its most outstanding particularity. The specimens that are young, have a dull coloration,a silver body and fins that have a not very defined color. On the other hand, adults, although they have a translucent body, have a much more intense yellow color. Its anal fin in its first spokes has a yellow color, being much more translucent with a black stripe on the edge.

Lemon tetra

General habitat

They can inhabit an aquarium that has an approximate of 60 liters of water, although they can live in larger places. To provide tetra lemon fish with a suitable habitat they have to have a current and intermediate-low lighting; because it is not a specimen that needs dim lighting, but not too much. Its vegetation should be abundant both at the bottom, sides and at the top. The substrate has to be dark highlighting its coloration, needing partial changes and susceptible to contamination of the dirty pond.

Overview of tetra lemon

The tetra lemon fish is cardumen, so it should be kept with a minimum of 7 to 8 specimens and so you can feel at ease. Being a very peaceful species that coexists easily with fish that have the same character, such as the coridoras. It is not advised to associate with large cyclicals, because they will end up causing discomfort when observing their territorial fights.

One of the curiosities of these fish is that they are poorly maintained within the aquariums to present a loss in their coloration, this arises at the time that the right conditions are not provided and not provide a varied diet that has the nutrients it needs. By providing you with optimal conditions, it has a life expectancy of four to five years with a size of 5 centimeters.

Aquariums for fish tetra lemon

The tetra lemon fish can naturally and properly inhabit from an average of 60 liters. It is important that you have an adequate and clean environment, free of any presence of food waste or dead seaweed, since it is one of the carbohydrates that are very sensitive to pollution.

Fish tanks for tetra lemon fish

If a fish tank is available in optimal condition, tetra lemon fish can live an average of three to five years. Needing a series of soft waters, which have a density of 6 to 12 GH, somewhat acidic, its pH must range between 6.2 to 6.9, the temperature must be maintained at an average of 22 to 26ºC, the filtration must reach the lower part of the fish tank,which can be complemented with external filters that have a layer of peat so that the acidity is counted in the middle zone, the place where these specimens swim.

Preferably you should have a vegetation in the part of the bottom of the fish tank and the corners have to have very large free spaces to swim comfortably. Just as it is important that they have floating plants,which help to reduce the lighting so that they can adapt better and feel that they are in their natural habitat.

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Aquarium elements

Filter: for the tetra lemon fish to be in good health, it is important that it has this indispensable element. This is because it helps to eliminate and degrade the waste found inside the fish tank, such as planting remains. Taking into account that these specimens are very susceptible to contamination.

Heating: it is important so that the aquarium can have an optimal temperature, because this species needs an average of 23 to 27ºC.

Thermometer: it is part of the heating, since it helps to verify the temperature that is inside the fish tank and to be able to carry out a control, especially when the fish will reproduce.

Types of fish tetra lemon

The tetra lemon fish are part of the group of tetra specimens, which are distinguished by having very striking colors, as well as adequate care so that they can live for a long time inside the fish tank.

Types of tetra lemon fish

Below is a list of the lemon tetrafish family, which can live in captivity appropriately.

Luminous tetra fish.

Tetra fish Perez.

Fish tetra bleeding fins.

Tetra copper fish.

Monjita tetra fish.

Care for your species

Luminous tetra fish: it is a type of specimen that has a resemblance to the lemon tetra fish, since the two do not tolerate too much luminosity inside the aquarium. They can live from 60 liters of water and as well as a great abundance of very dense plants, but with a clear space in the middle part so that you swim quietly.

Tetra Perez fish: a spice that likes to have a little current, which also has little lighting and abundant plantations so that it can be hidden. It is characterized by being omnivorous that does not require special care so that it can inhabit inside the aquarium.

Fish tetra bleeding fins: you must have an aquarium that has a total of 40 liters of water, with a reduced depth and a zero current. A specimen that is characterized by needing an abundant oxygenation, as of natural plants so that it can hide when it wants.

Tetra copper fish: a species that has to live in a fish tank with an average of 40 liters of water, with an abundant amount of oxygen and with an almost zero current, this is because it likes to swim in the lower middle part with vegetation with free zones.

Tetra monjita fish: it is characterized by having soft water, the lighting has to be dim and an average of 20 to 25ºC in relation to temperature. It inhabits a group of 6 fish of the same species, but can live in a pleasant way with other specimens that have a small size.

Offspring of the lemon tetra fish

It is possible that you can have a reproduction of the tetra fish in aquariums that are very well planted, as well as in conditions of adequate water and even in different community aquariums. So you must keep in mind the steps to follow if you want to have more offspring of this colorful species.

Reproduction of the lemon tetra

In order for the fish of this species to reproduce successfully, a preparation must be had in the parents. It is important to be able to supply nauplius of saline artemia, daphnias and larvae of drosophilia together with the moment in which the temperature rises, a process that must be carried out slowly and progressively until reaching 27ºC. In the special pond for the young should include glass bags at the bottom and an acidic pH of 6.2. Separating groups of two or four males and two females.

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Before spawning occurs, it is important that males are separated from females for a period of 2 weeks and should be given all kinds of live and frozen food. Spawning will be seen over the course of 5 days after the couple has joined and the chances for success will be increased. It is also important that a protective grid and plants that have thin leaves are placed. Removing the parents after spawning the eggs.

Tips for breeding

The offspring of the tetra lemon fish must remain with the light off and with the walls covered with black paper; withdrawing progressively after forty-eight hours. During their development it is important that they are gradually supplied with more water inside the fish tank,until they can be installed in an aquarium that has the dimensions suitable for proper development. At the time they have hatched the fry should be provided with cyclops or artemia nauplii for a prudent time. With the passage of time the fish can be passed to the main aquarium where the other adult specimens are located.

Feeding the tetra lemon fish

The lemon tetra fish does not need special care in its diet, but that does not mean that it is not given the care it requires. This is because it is an omnivore that accepts a series of options, being important that it is provided with a varied, complete and healthy diet during all days, taking care of the defenses and their appearance in general; because if you do not have a suitable meal you will have a reduction in pigmentation that distinguishes it.

What does the tetra lemon fish eat?

Among the options that can be provided to tetra lemon fish, we can mention:

– Frozen food.

– Freeze-dried food.

– Live food: larvae of drosophilia, daphnias, cyclops and tubifex.

– Dry food: flakes, flakes or small granulate.

– Food cooked in porridge.

How to feed them?

A fish that accepts all kinds of food that can be made available to it. So you do not have a major problem when it comes to being able to provide a balanced diet,being important that you can give the time to thaw or prepare the porridge. In order to feed the tetra lemon fish you can make a calendar that stipulates two meal times during the day, as well as what will be provided.

At the time of being able to give the scales inside the aquarium it is prudent that they can be chopped very well, because being very small fish they will not be able to ingest them and therefore they will not feed as necessary. Another tip when feeding them is to be able to monitor that they eat what has been prepared for them,because having other species that live in the upper part of the aquarium can finish the food.

In addition, it does not disregard the inclusion of food that is alive, such as insects or small larvae, which can be obtained in different commercial aquariums. It is a species that is affected if it is not provided with a complete meal, this is because by not having the complete nutrients within its diet, it will have a significant loss in its coloration.

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Care of tetra lemon fish

The lemon tetra fish is a species that adapts quickly to a life in captivity, this is because it does not require a great experience in its care. However, it is important that you are given the appropriate attention as to any other species, in that way it will be achieved that you have a longer life inside the aquarium and without suffering from diseases. Describing below the most important thing to achieve it.

Basic care

Aquarium: tetra lemon fish can inhabit an average of 60 liters of water,which has very little current and has a series of plantations to fit into a safe habitat.

Temperature: the water must have an average temperature between 23 to 27ºC, measuring it with the help of a thermometer and thus not harm your health.

Hardness and pH: on the other hand the water has to have a pH between 6 to 7.5,the hardness of the water must be between 5 to 20º dGH.

Decoration: It can include a number of plants that provide density, as well as rocks and plants. Leaving ample space for you to swim freely at any time you want.

Food: it is an omnivorous fish that accepts commercial, live, frozen and freeze-dried food.

Reproduction: if you want to have offspring it is important that special care is provided as it is very difficult to reproduce in captivity.

How to care for tetra lemon fish

If you want to acquire a specimen of the tetra lemon fish, you do not necessarily have to have experience in the care of the fish; but it is important that you are given the necessary care. Bearing in mind that it is necessary to give it a coupling time at the time of being able to integrate it into the fish tank and provide the care that has been described in the previous paragraphs.

Likewise, the fish tank must be cleaned frequently by removing part of the water that is inside. Since when moving in the middle area you can get sick very easily, and you can even die in a short time and nothing can be done to save your life.