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The Maltese Bichon is a breed of small dog and toy or mini, in its smallest version. Its sweet and affectionate appearance makes it one of the most popular and companion dogs, especially in large cities.

Maltese Bichon

But it is also a very intelligent dog,close to the people who live with it, squandering in abundance, energy and vitality.

To familiarize you with this charming pet, we will talk about its characteristics and curiosities.

Origin of the Maltese Bichon

One of the first mistakes we usually make with respect to the Maltese Bichon is to consider it originally from the island of Malta. One thing is certain: its origin is Mediterranean. But his name “Maltese” can be considered, in some way, fortuitous.

We must go back to the year 2000 BC. C. to meet at the malat. This term derived from the Semitic is defined as “port” or “refuge”, denoting precisely the origin of a seaport.

We already find the Maltese Bichon in ancient Egypt. At least there is evidence of the love of this dog breed from royalty. So much admiration was felt by Emperor Ramses II that statuettes of a dog with all the characteristics of bichon appeared on his tomb.

This suggests that this pet was highly appreciated among the nobility of that time. In addition, it should be added that, next to the statues, the term Melitae appeared,which has a close relationship with màlat.

The Phoenicians took to Europe this breed, which seems to be linked to the dwarf Spitz. Aristotle will refer to it as Melitaei Catelli, giving name to the bichon, which will still undergo genetic modifications during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in England, Maltese of different colors were accepted, until, in the middle of the century, it was decided that the dog breed of the Maltese Bichon should be white..

In 1954 it was recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI),recognizing the standard, as we know it today, in 1989.

Maltese Bichon

Characteristics of the Maltese Bichon

The Maltese Bichon stands out for its sweetness,which attracts both adults and children. In this regard, it is a perfect breed for the whole family. It is considered a “toy” or “mini” breed due to its small size.

Its size is ideal for the home, as it does not exceed 23 cm in height, in the case of males; while females reach 21 cm in height. Its weight makes the Bichon a very easy dog to transport, since its weight ranges between 2.5 and 5 kilos, depending on the variant.

It stands out for its white coat, very soft and long. In some specimens you can see darker shades in the areas of the back and ears. Its truffle nose attracts attention widely, resulting in a good size and giving it a unique look.

Her black eyes are large, compared to her face, which makes her a very expressive pet. It has large, but droopy ears. Their legs are short, although strong and with rounded feet. It has a long, curved tail, which narrows as it approaches the tip.

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Bichon Maltese Toy, American or European?

It can be said that there are 2 different varieties, but they differ in small details and could easily be confused. The American Maltese Bichon has slightly shorter legs and trunk of the body.

The characteristic that most differentiates them is therefore the weight,since the European Maltese Bichon has a weight that ranges between 3.5 and 5 kilos. When they are both puppies, they are the same size.

They are very compact, with the most flat morrito and do not usually exceed 3 kilos in weight. The coat is much denser and less “rough” than the European Bichon.

Possible scams of maltese Bichon “breeders”

It is precisely in this last detail, where deception can occur when acquiring these dogs. The price of the Maltese Bichon differs, because the American variant can double the price of the European, 1000 euros of the first, compared to approximately 500 euros of the European line.

And this is where the scam occurs, since puppies weigh the same and only after time, when they grow, the differences in size between the two are appreciated. Obviously, after time, the dog is already one of the family and this detail is overlooked, but it is convenient to know.

Many deceptions can be produced from the sale online and through unknown people, who usually do not offer the information, nor the guarantees of breed, nor of health of the puppies.

Maltese Bichon

5 things you should know before having a Maltese Bichon

The Maltese Bichon has similar characteristics to other breeds of small dogs. Some of them we have already presented here and have to do with their origins and their physical appearance, which is usually the weakness of many people who decide to adopt it.

Below we will show you five characteristics that you should know about Maltese, before deciding to buy one.

It is a protective dog

Given the affection he expresses to his human family, he responds by protecting it from any stranger he perceives. It does this by warning through its barking, which is strong compared to its small size.

It is a perfect alarm against thieves. But behind that fierce bark that he brings out from time to time, he soon shows his affection to the visits of his masters. Quickly manages to conquer who is in front of him.

It has a long life

The Maltese Bichon gets to live between 12 to 14 years,showing an enviable longevity with respect to other breeds of small size. There are cases in which they have reached more than 16 years.

What you can not avoid is to present stomach problems often,sometimes due to the mucus so typical of this breed. But keeping your vaccinations up to date and the corresponding visits to the veterinarian will not have problems to show impeccable health.

In his past he was a buzzard

The size of the bichon has always mattered, especially to the captains of ships that used to make their routes through the Mediterranean.

Therefore, in the former it was necessary to take one or more specimens of this breed of dog, especially because they were skilled hunters of mice. In this way, they kept the merchandise free of these rodents, at the same time that they fed.

Adapts to all types of spaces

Due to its size, in addition to not being an excessively nervous dog, it adapts perfectly to small apartments. Their daily sports activity can last about 30 minutes and they are great runners..

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After that, he likes to rest next to his masters, since he is, without a doubt, a lapdog that you can hardly leave alone at home without stressing.

The only thing he can’t stand is being left alone. He is so attached to family affection that he will not hesitate to show his anger if he senses that you are going out.

Maltese Bichon haircuts

The coat of the Maltese Bichon tends to grow, so it requires canine aesthetics eventually. There are those who take advantage of this feature to create surprising hairstyles.

Just remember not to apply cosmetic products with chemicals,to take care of your pet’s skin.

Given this hair growth, it also requires greater care, such as daily brushing and preventing you from approaching other dogs that may carry fleas and ticks.

The Maltese Bichon is a very peculiar breed of dog that will surely fill your life with affection and its great vitality. Among their virtues are the love they propagate and their protective charisma. It is a confident dog with an affectionate attitude. He is a perfect friend for the whole family.

Prone to dislocations, stomach problems and conjunctivitis

The most common diseases that affect this breed of dog, can be knee dislocations, conjunctivitis and problems derived from the digestive system, so we must make periodic reviews to the veterinarian.

Buy a Maltese Bichon

When you decide to buy a Bichon Máltés or any other dog or pet you must commit to its entire care. Adoption is always an option and before acquiring a dog, you should weigh this possibility.

The responsibility with respect to a dog refers to complying with its vaccination program,in addition to making sure that it gives it a happy and dignified life, in which it does not lack food and, depending on its physical characteristics, we can guarantee the sport and daily activity they need.

Veterinary care is another requirement you must commit to. But, above all, as with all pets, they need a lot of love, almost as much as the one they reciprocally give us.

If you are going to adopt, from 2 months

Far from being a whim, it is of vital importance to the puppy. The best comparison we have in humans: like every baby, to preserve an appropriate immune system must be breastfed. The minimum period of this process must exceed two months.

It will be then when we can make sure that the Maltese Bichon puppy will have adequate defenses. Otherwise, they could die prematurely or be the victim of continuous diseases during their life process.

The correct facilities of the hatchery

It is necessary to check the seriousness of the hatchery. You will notice this in how clean the facilities are. In addition, they must allow you to enter inside, without difficulties, at any time you ask for it.

It is not recommended to buy a puppy from an individual, since you could be acquiring a breed that does not correspond to the one you requested or, even, there is the danger that it has not been cared for efficiently, being able to get sick quickly.

Papers in order

Also, the vaccination card must be in order. It must show the document of verification of your race. It should also include, if necessary, the first vaccines that were administeredto you. And, do not forget, around the third month you must have been vaccinated on occasion. Deworming is another requirement during the first few months of your life.

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Getting to know your parents

To know that he has maintained the precise care all the time, in addition to corresponding to the breed that is argued, the breeder must show you the parents of your future Maltese Bichon.

Above all, the mother is paramount, since she has had to breastfeed the puppy for at least two months. Be wary if you get stuck and do not hesitate to ask for photos or videos, if necessary.

Price of a Maltese Bichon

Buying a bichon with pedigree may not be so simple. It is true that there are numerous maltese Bichon hatcheries in different areas of the country. In them, if you start to compare, you will find different prices, although these are not always a guarantee of having kept the puppies in a suitable environment, nor that the pedigree is guaranteed.

The costs of a Bichon may differ depending on the reputation of the hatchery. The Maltese Bichon and its price in store or individuals, usually ranges between 200 and 500 euros. Likewise, in the hatcheries the costs tend to move between 600 and 1000 euros.

As a recommendation we advise you to only make the purchase to the kennel that, at the time of it, gives you the documents in which the pedigree of the pet is stated..

Avoid being promised a subsequent delivery of the papers, since many hatcheries, once they have received the money, forget or delay it considerably.

Adoption of a Maltese Bichon?

When you decide to acquire a Maltese Bichon for adoption you are taking a very important step. Any type of adoption means giving a better life to a pet, taking into account that many have suffered abuse, in addition to abandonment.

If you are looking for a Maltese Bichon in places of adoption, it will be very difficult for you to find one. You may find a mongrel dog, which may possess physical characteristics of the bichon, but you will hardly find one with pedigree. It is a sought-after and sought-after breed.

Unfortunately, those who decide to abandon a dog, the last thing they look at is their breed. This doesn’t seem to matter, but you can always have hope when it comes to looking for it in an animal shelter or simply adopting one without a breed.

Yes, we are talking about the Maltese Bichon, who are one wonderful dog, but at this point, why does not deserve a chance another without a breed? It will give you the same love and affection. Think.