silver tip tetra Complete Care Guide

silver tip tetra

silver tip tetra: The silver tip tetras are mostly popular among more aquarists. They are copper colored small water creatures. But that color can easily be observable only via the male fishes. The females don’t have that coloration. The color of the females is paler than the male fishes. Therefore the fishes are in the same color as the yellowish-brown. Although they are with a white-colored fin tip. A black strip can be observed in the mid part.

The scientific name of them is the Hasemania nana and these fishes are only native to some countries only. They could be observed in countries like Brazil and South America. Their belonging family is the Characin family. Approximately they will exist at a lifetime up to 10 years. 


The fishes wanted water of good quality. They want a volume of the tank up to 100 liters. The temperature that is essential is 24°C and 28°C. The water body should have to be slightly Acidic. And even they wanted the pH value between 6.0 and 7.8. Although that has hardiness as the 2-15°dGH.  Those conditions are recommended essentially for the silver tip tetra. 


The silver tip tetra is a type of peaceful fish. Therefore they were known to be the type of happiest fishes. Although they would be better tank mates for the other ones. They would be large. But the females can be territorial during their season of spawning. These fishes could be retained with the tank mates as those are the category of friendly fishes. On these occasions, the fishes would like to stay in the mid-portion of the aquarium. 


Usually, they are a type of active small creatures. Therefore they want more space for swimming. Due to that, the fishes want more space for these to swim. Don’t plant much more aquatic plants inside the tank to reduce the space for them. 

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These fishes would be a type of omnivore animal. Therefore they will consume plant items and live foods. Their primary meal is the algae, insects, and even the worms. Therefore they always prefer to eat small foods. TetraMin and the TetraPro Menu are their favorite foods. Aside from that, they could be fed by natural food items.

Feeding is easy for the silver tip tetras is very easy. Because they will eat whatever is offered by you. If the diet will get poor, the Discolouration of the body of the fishes would occur. But don’t give the same foods for a longer period of time. Just think about that while comparing with yourselves. Do you wish to consume the same food item for a longer period of time? That is the same as the fishes 

They will get bored with the same food over more time. That will cause rejection of the foods. 

Caring difficulties 

Certainly that the beginners would get confused due to the caring of the silver tip tetras. Certainly, they don’t know about the fish caring initially. Therefore they would get confused. Due to the lack of knowledge about these fishes, most people will change their minds. But don’t think about that too much, that is not as difficult as you think. These are types of peaceful fishes and sometimes they would be bitter and aggressive too. If they are maintained well the fishes would have an extended lifetime and be healthy in their nature. 

Tank Size for them 

Most of the beginners for fish caring made mistakes in the selection of tank sizes. The size of the tank has to be selected with the consideration of the body size of the fish. If they are putting together with the others, the tank has to be bigger. Also, the silver tip tetras would prefer to live with the small groups of six. So then they need a relatively large tank hence they are actively swimming. One of the Silver tip tetra fish required 3 gallons of water. Accordingly to that calculation for the six of them a tank with the 20 gallons required. 

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Body size 

These are not so large fish categories. They are relatively small. They will grow up to a length of 2 inches. Approximately it is only about 5cm. They have a multi-colored body. Both gold and silver colors will form the body of them and look very beautiful. 

Life span 

Their life span will be decided with more factors. Basically, it depends on the health status. As their minimum lifetime, 5 years. 8 years is the maximum lifetime. The lifetime can be extended more evenly. If the caretaker of them is better, they will have extended lifetimes. 


The lightning changes will affect the silver tip tetra fishes. Always dim lighting is the best lightening requirement for them. With the bit darker environment, the fishes are easily observable due to body color. The reflection of the light will be taking place due to the body color. If the reader wants to create an aquarium newly, then it is better to take a suitable light for that task. With a darker environment, they will continuously be searching for hiding places. Because these fishes would love to stay in darker places like that. Therefore plant some more aquatic plants. Then they will explore more and more hiding places. 

Qualities of the water 

To living for these fishes, more required parameters of the water could be found. The initial one is the maintenance of the cleanliness of the water. Those are essentially required for the maintenance of all the fishes in healthy. Most of the caretakers won’t modify the water for more time period. That causes several diseases just like rotting fins, spot disease, even velvet diseases. If these diseases conditions grow wider that even may cause the death of these water creatures. To raise all the fishes healthy you have to nourish the better health conditions just like balancing a better pH, Hardness, and ammonium levels of the water. 

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Tank Mates 

Many people will make mistakes while selecting the best tank mates. Always the tank mates have to be selected in accordance with their qualities. The follwing are such tank mates for them. 

These are the basic details about the fishes called the silver tip tetras. If anyone would like to care about these kinds of fishes, it is great to be aware of them more.