Autumn fishing, the best species to fish for at this time of season

Fishing in autumn, which species are most active?

We review 5 characteristic species to fish in autumn, because the fish rules, and good fishermen know how to adapt to them, they know their fishing seasons, when they are more active, their behaviors, their habitats and the necessary and ideal equipment for each species of fish. We present you 5 species that you can fish in autumn easily and how to do it. Whether you are an expert or novice fisherman. Learn and take note of all these recommendations:

Many fishing enthusiasts await the arrival of autumn as if it were the beginning of May. These are months in which, regardless of the type of fishing you practice, the fish are very active looking for reinforcements to get through a long winter, a moment that we must take advantage of to take out our fishing equipment and succeed with the catches.


We know that in these autumn months there are many species that are especially active, in this post we are going to make a summary of the 5 main species that you can catch or fish in autumn:

Big bass fish

Big bass fish

Whether in rivers or reservoirs, black perch use these autumn months to look for reserves with which to spend the long winter. These are months in which they don’t mind putting anything in their mouths, so the artificial lure you use will bring you good catches.

Lucio fish

Lucio fish

They can be easily found in areas such as riverbanks or reservoirs (spin fishing) or in deep rocky points and walls, creek entrances, bridges, sunny reefs, tree areas, etc.

The best lures for this species are large gribs and pikies, spinnerbaits, wigglers and long-bladed minnows.

Lubina fish

This is the golden moment for this species, because when the summer heat is over, their activity increases and they are looking for food in any place, be it river, sea or harbors. Therefore, we believe it is the perfect time for spinning, fly fishing and surfcasting. The sea bass travel close to the minnows dragged by the current waiting for the elver to come up, so surface fishing for them will be quite easy.

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Mackerel fish

You will need a boat or kayak to get close to the aviaries where the mackerel are. Once you manage to find the bank you will be able to use the same fly-fishing equipment for trout with which you will fight big fights.


These autumn months will be your last chance to catch some of this species because as soon as the cold weather sets in, the leerfish will move to warmer waters. Now is the time when they are approaching the coast, although you can also find them in the depths with the help of jigs.