Water Sprite Care Guide – Planting, Growing, and Propagation

Water Sprite

This is even a commonly growing aquatic plant in the aquariums. Although this is identified as a freshwater plant. If anyone is required to explore these plants, search in the pet stores and the other chain stores. Definitely, you will explore them in those places. Rather than the name of the water sprite, people will call them by other names such as Indian fern and water fern. Most of the aquarists would select these for their aquariums due to the ease. The planting of water sprites is easy. The planting of them is not required. Therefore if anyone wants the plants can be left floating in the water. Or else then planting on the substrate can be done. Although prior to the planting, the selection of them has to be done. 

How to select 

While selecting the plants for the planting, always select a plant that is looking very healthy. And pay attention to the appearance of the leaves. Even the condition of the leaves has to be checked. The leaves of the plants should be in the green color and those have to be free from the tears. And the stems of the plants have to be lengthy. The stem of the plant would help to stand the overall plant in an upright position. There are uncountable roots contained with the water sprite plants. Sometimes in some shops, there would be plants with only a small number of leaves. Or the stem has been damaged and the roots would be in the same condition. If you will meet up with the plants in those conditions, make sure that the buyer will avoid those. Although if there are any plants that are in the brown color avoid those too. 

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Planting methods 

For the aquarists, the method of planting can be selected as their wish. They are capable of selection that way as the comfort of them. If you want, you are capable of selecting the planting method. Although the floating method is better too. If there is too much space inside of the tank, that space could be filled with these types of plants. Although while leaving the plants to be afloat, would add extraordinary beauty to the tank. Although this is even the best substitute for the tank that is filled with the community. 

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Planting on the substrate 

 This part is essential for the people that selected the planting method. While planting the water sprites have to be planted up to the depth of 3 inches. While planting makes sure that the planter won’t take any damage while planting. It is even better to plant these types of plants in a nutritional rich substrate. Even this is known as the background plant type. It is always better to keep away from the power filter intakes of the water. But some of the aquarists may try to plant these waters as a foreground plant. That may cause the creating effect of a low bushy shrub. 

Tank requirements

The planting is better with all standard features of the water. Therefore at every time, the aquarists have to be alerted about these conditions. The range of pH has to be maintained between 7.0 – 7.5. If the ranges in between these two values, that is always better for the growth of these plants. Then the temperature. The temperature of the tank has to be maintained between 68-80°F, in order to make the tank suitable for the perfect growth. If the aquarist has provided these features for their growth, the plants will reach their best up to the perfect growth.  Although allowing more space for the growing the aquatic plants is always better with the necessary conditions. Therefore it is better to allocate a bit larger space for the plants. If the plants have some larger space, then they can act freely and there might be a lot of space for floating. 

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Water sprite Growth and lightning 

If there are the right conditions for the growth, these plants will grow taller, wider, and bushy. Although lightning is a required factor for perfect growth. It is work that has to be done by the aquarists. The rate of growth is always dependent on providing a light source. It has a direct relationship. If the plants are provided with a rich source of lightning, the growth rate of the plants will increase. Likewise, if the lightning sources are so poor the growth rate will be slower. The getting of the light source would be dependent on the way you select for the growing way. If the plant grows at the bottom, those will get low lights. But if the plants are allowed to be floated those will get more powerful lightning. The root system of the floating plants is growing widely. Accurately the structure of the roots will be similar to the Web structure. If the aquarists want to accelerate the growth of the plant, there are some fertilizers. Those can be used to increase the growth rate of the plants. 

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Other Plants and tank mates

This is a better type of plant that is always suitable to be used with the aquariums. It can be seen widely in all the freshwater tanks. The plants will make excellent places that are suitable for hiding and living. The fish types that will love to hide can be lived safely here. 

The water sprite plants are a type of perfect food for the fishes. Therefore it won’t be lived for a longer time period than the other aquatic plants. Although it will be harmed by the snails all the time. Therefore if there are any snails inside the tank, that will be harmful to these plants always. Make sure that there wouldn’t be any harmful animals for these types of plants. These are all facts that are regarding the water sprites. If anyone would like to grow these plants inside the aquariums it is better to have a better acknowledgment about these.

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