Why are There Bubbles in My Fish Tank?

If you have just entered the world of aquariums or recently have an aquarium at home, it is likely that if you have natural plants you have wondered why they have small air bubbles attached to their leaves or even rising to the surface.

Why are There Bubbles in My Fish Tank

You don’t have to be scared, these little bubbles are the oxygen that plants produce when performing photosynthesis. Plants perform photosynthesis and for this they use the CO2 produced by fish, along with a good contribution of light and as a result they eliminate oxygen. That being underwater forms these bubbles that adhere to the leaves of our plants and rise to the surface.

When the photosynthesis carried out by the aquarium plants is very intense, the amount of oxygen they can produce is very high and the plants in our aquarium release it in the form of many bubbles. When the amount of oxygen released by plants is very high, our aquarium becomes saturated with oxygen, and this bubble-shaped one rises to the surface.

Is this oxygen harmful to the fish in my aquarium?

You do not have to worry, an aquarium with a lot of oxygen is not harmful to the health of the fish, what would be a danger is that there was no oxygen. What we must take into account is that the CO2 of the aquarium is not too high, since this is very dangerous for the health of our fish.

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The light that we provide for the plants to perform photosynthesis must also be controlled, especially in summer, since if the temperature of the aquarium rises too much it can be fatal for our fish. Here is an article to learn all the tricks to control the temperature of the aquarium.

How can I get my plants to produce air bubbles?

To get plants to perform photosynthesis and therefore produce these air bubbles we will basically need 4 things:

A good lighting,adequate and strong, so that in this way our plants have that contribution of daily light that they need to carry out this process.

Add extra CO2 so that the plants have enough contribution of this fundamental element for the realization of photosynthesis, since it is not always enough with what the fish produce. For this there are many alternatives, from pills that we introduce into the water and provide CO2 progressively, to complex CO2 systems for plants, through some other homemade method based on yeast and sugar.

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Provide a good fertilizer for our plants, both in the substrate and in the water, so that they have enough iron and nutrients to be healthy and perform photosynthesis.

To make it easier to visualize these bubbles it is important to have the aquarium saturated with oxygen,since when the plants have been photosynthesis with CO2 and light for hours, they have produced enough oxygen so that we can see it without problems.

If we want the plants in our aquarium to have these oxygen bubbles we must be well-informed of what we need to achieve it, starting with a good planting of natural plants with good lighting and a good contribution of CO2. Achieving this is not easy, but do not despair, with patience and experience you will achieve the expected results.

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